Morality and Spirituality #

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“So Ham” Meditation to Calm the Mind | In the Voice of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Discussion Questions #

  1. What is Morality? Why do we observe Conflict?  Are there levels of Morality?
  2. Can we achieve spirituality through Morality?
  3. If Morality is not synonymous with Spirituality, where do we draw the line? And what then is Spirituality?


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Morality & Spirituality #

Swami emphasized that without morality there can be no immortality. Indirectly thus, he has provided a link between morality and spirituality. In Other words, he has defined morality as a bridge between the mundane world and spirituality

What is Morality? Why do we observe conflict? Are there levels of Morality?

Indirectly Swami mentioned that without morality there can be no immortality -> Morality as a bridge between the mundane world and spirituality. There might be conflicting dharma or duties in order to fulfill our commitments at various levels of social organization or institutions. To mold our behavior such that those conflicts do not arise or if they do, they are amicably resolved is the exercise that leads one from morality to spirituality/

Levels of morality #

Tamasik (Mostly negative) – Procastinate and indulge in self-interest

Rajasik (Some negative) – Lust or power, greed for money, jealousy -> Action and more action

Satwik – Good thoughts, Good actions and good feelings

In Satwik, we experience more happiness, we get light inside, that is wisdom -> Leads us to our discriminating faculty, which enables us to discriminate between what is transient and what is absolute. 

Swami says “ Integration of thoughts, words and deeds. The Satwik attribute helps in developing this  spirituality. Treat others as you would treat yourself. (Atamavat Sarva bhuteshu) We have to look inside continuously so that our day to day behavior, all our actions are soaked in love and there is no harboring of hatred, jealousy, enmity, greed, lust, selfishness etc. Defined thus, morality amounts to getting rid of the negative traits inherited from the past animal stage. 


Life application #

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